Excerpts from the launch of the SUP initiative at COP26, Glasgow

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Cities are hotspots of global climate emissions and risk, but they are also hubs for innovation, action and resilience.

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  • Cities are home to over half the world’s population, generate two-thirds of its economic output, and emit three-fourths of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Urban areas in low- and middle-income countries are expanding and driving the world economy and job creation. 
  • Cities are a pivotal opportunity for a rapid transition into a sustainable, low-energy intensity development. 
  • Low-carbon, climate-resilient urbanization can limit unsustainable and inequitable development trajectories.
  • Cities can accelerate and deepen climate action towards climate-resilient development in the next few decades.

The opportunity for effective, efficient and rapid action in cities depends on accessible, actionable science at the city scale. 

The Summary for Urban Policymakers initiative responds to this need – bringing together the world’s leading scientists with local government policymakers and businesses to co-generate and advance a scientific evidence base to propel implementation and deepen climate action in cities around the world.

Did you know...

Almost a billion people in coastal and low-lying cities are at risk from climate hazards?