SUP Volume I: What the Latest Physical Science of Climate
Change Means for Cities

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The Summary for Urban Policymakers (SUP) Volume I offers a concise and accessible synthesis of IPCC Working Group I material for urban policymakers. Human-induced climate change is affecting every region of the world, and the cities and urban areas therein. Without deep reductions in emissions, warming will exceed 1.5°C  and 2.0°C, exposing, in the near term, many cities and urban areas to drought, floods, extreme heat, storm surges, and cyclones. In the longer term, many cities and urban areas will also experience sea-level rise and other major hydrological challenges. The Physical Science Basis offers the most current and comprehensive scientific understanding of changes to the physical world as a result of the climate crisis and their implications for cities and urban areas.

Click here to watch a derivative video summarizing the key messages from the SUP Volume I.

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