Exploring opportunities for collaboration and co-creation for evidence-based action


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A series of global and regional consultations will bring public and private sector representatives together with IPCC authors. During these meetings, all stakeholders will understand the latest science and prioritize findings and key points for city and business decision makers. They will also explore additional avenues for collaborative action. The outcomes of these discussions will be integrated into the Summary for Urban Policymakers reports.

Bringing climate scientists, cities and businesses together

The SUP will draw upon a series of regional and global convenings between scientists drafting these reports, city officials and business representatives, to provide a bridge between science, policy and practice. Together they will:

  • Review the findings of six AR6 reports, from 2018 to 2022
  • Prioritize key actions for urban policymakers and business decision makers
  • Explore avenues for collaborative and convergent action

These convenings will help translate relevant and recent climate science to foster urban action, by strengthening the coordinated implementation of sustainable development, climate adaptation and mitigation.

SUP Global and Regional Convenings

SUP global and regional convenings are linked to key Climate change and Urban events over 2022, to enable convergence between stakeholder communities and the opportunity for inclusive dialogue.

Events Calendar

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Event TypeAssociated EventLocationDate
Regional Consultation – EuropeICLEI World CongressMalmö, Sweden12 May 2022
Regional Consultation – AfricaAfricities SummitKisumu, Kenya20 May 2022
National Government BriefingUNFCCC Climate Change ConferenceBonn, Germany6-16 June 2022
SUP Volume II Author ConsultationLondon Climate Action WeekLondon, United Kingdom21 June 2022
SUP Volume III Author ConsultationLondon Climate Action WeekLondon, United Kingdom22 June 2022
Global ConsultationLondon Climate Action WeekLondon, United Kingdom19 July 2022
Cities ConsultationWorld Urban ForumKatowice, Poland26-30 June 2022
North America Virtual Consultation North America1-2 June  2022
Latin America Virtual Consultation Latin America14 – 15 July  2022
Oceania & East Asia Virtual Consultation Oceania & East AsiaWeek of June 13 2022
South and South East Asia Virtual Consultation South and South East Asia 12 -13 July 2022